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Pinhole glasses

Pinhole glasses may be an alternative to more expensive traditional lenses, it seems that perhaps improvement of vision. If improve vision or prevent future replacement of traditional lenses (bifocals or trifocals), can have a good cost benefit, especially with regard to health.

pinhole matte, pinhole glasses A friend asked me to evaluate what I and my sincere opinion about this site and product Pinhole glasses , I was visited site and see no error But I am not perfect, and the product pinhole glasses found very interesting, and even researched on the Internet and it seems that he had been banned in the past, some people believe is conspiracy of doctors and eyes the optical industry, which could be in fear of losing profitable business with sales and periodic replacement of your lens bifocals or trifocals (reading glasses ...) in value too high $$$, but there are reports have done well for many people and found no cases of damage (I do not think cause problems), but cases of people who claim to have improved their vision with the use of pinhole glasses.

Perhaps as an alternative to traditional lenses need to be replaced, pinhole glasses do not need to be replaced and also works for people with myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia. (Read on myopia and Pinhole glasses )

I understand that hole decreases stress visual spectacles, because orifice glasses can better focus on objects that are being observed and decrease a little peripheral vision, peripheral vision is not necessary to read a book, computer, TV, and others.

If you use pinhole glasses it will make your vision is not as forced and allows you to see something that is better in front of you to look, better focus on objects.

An easy way to demonstrate this is to use an object with a hole and put it to one eye while closing the other eye. Technology like pinhole glasses is used in cameras to improve focus.

Pinhole glasses does not require physical exertion or even waste your time, use only and see the results to be obtained, could be used in moments of leisure in their homes, reading, watching TV, environments in brightness ...

Well, knowing that Pinhole eyeglasses is low in price as compared to a consultation with an ophthalmologist and reading glasses or magnifying glass ( Bifocals, trifocals ...), I think you should try to experiment, but with caution and care by almost obvious reasons:

Pinhole glasses can perhaps serve as an extra attempt (alternative option) to improve vision or prevent problems of vision, but partly replace sunglasses because the holes to allow some ultraviolet rays, the same factor that is seeing more accurately all that is the front (pinhole) also take a little peripheral vision to reduce visual stress, then I think that by reducing peripheral vision should not be used to operate machinery, drive cars or any other situation that requires maximum attention or eye protection.

Used as sunglasses, in times of intense sun (10 Hrs to 15 Hrs), they may offer less protection that sunglasses because the holes to allow harmful ultraviolet rays reaching the eye.

Tip: If you spend hours in front of the Pc(computer) and tired to read much of a view, try this exercise for rapid relaxation of eyes:
four procedures should be run at the same time:

1-Breathe deeply and 2-gift the air (hold the air in the lungs) 3-in while you are inspired stiffen (force) the gluteal muscles of the biceps, 4-close your eyes (all at same time). And after a few seconds relax your muscles, expires (release, release) the air from the lungs and eyes open.

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